About us

We at Symboli Angelici  are very interested in and passionate about the study of Angels and their worship. Over the years, we have conducted research that has allowed us to find symbols in ancient books used by our ancestors to come in contact with these Pure Light Creatures.

We have entrusted an expert engraver to give material form to that which was once a symbol or, better put, part of a “code” found in ancient Hebrew texts. Before putting the finishing touches to our jewellery, we have sought the benevolence and the approval of the angel to whom the symbol refers and thus, piece by piece, we have created this collection.

We are: Alessandra who, over many years, has conducted research which has allowed her to extract symbols from their original texts. Since 1999, she has taken countless courses and seminars dedicated to reiki, bioenergy, mediumship, theta healing, Bach flower remedies, kabbalah and family constellations, to name a few. She currently organizes seminars and meetings about spirituality as president of the Associazione ArteAnima (www.arteanima.it). In 2012, she published Le Carte del Rinnovamento with Il Cerchio della Luna di Verona (alessandra@symboli.it) Alessia who has transformed the written symbols ready for 3D printing. Having graduated in Environmental Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and after furthering her education in various studios, she opened her own business. Fabrizio who makes the first prototypes to create the moulds for the foundry. Maurizio who oversees the casting process and finishes each piece with the mastery and professionalism of a great artisan smith. Erika, Elena, Marinella and Claudia who have translated the texts into several languages. Eduardo and Davide who made the website. Luca, Enrico e Giovanni who developed the packaging. Lorenzo who has ensured our little company operates within all moral and legal standards. Maurizio who works on media and promotion. As well as many friends who have contributed with their kindness and their cooperation so that this wonderful project could happen: Agnese, Rosy, MariaChiara and many others.