Angel Numbers

The 72 Angel “numbers” or “”hieroglyphics” characters are strange symbols and bizarre seemingly meaningless figures; they are often found in ancient magical books, associated with the names of invisible entities. These figures can be a key to the world of Angel intelligence.

An Angel symbol is an accumulator of psychic energy. Those who write the symbol revitalise it with their own magnetism and attract the properties of that symbol, characterized by intense vibrations that are not destroyed. So by imposing these “symbolic” numbers we tune into that specific Angelic current and we rise to that ray of Light, shaping our essence based on it and we press the key of a precise note that vibrates together with the corresponding Angelic principle. These symbols are the energetic representation of the names of the 72 Angels (the 72 names of God).  By invoking in spirit and in truth their real names and their true characters (symbols), supported by true faith, hope and love, we can obtain from them the required virtue.

The numbers are taken from ancient manuscripts (from “La magia Astrale degli Angeli” by Pier Luca Pierini R.), including: Tables des 72 Agges (eighteenth century), Les Vrais Talismans, Pentacles et Cercles, avec la Cléf de la Divine Magie des Anges” (nineteenth century) and La Cabale Divine (nineteenth century).