Who are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are Beings of Light who actually present themselves in the form of shimmering spheres. They can be found in all world religions (Buddhism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Hinduism, Judaism, Mormonism, Islam, and Christianity) and are represented as people with wings in the collective imagination. Angels are intermediaries between us and God.  Each angel possesses certain gifts and abilities and its nature depends on what we ask for in our prayers. There is nothing to stop us, however, from directing our prayers to a particular angel and asking it to give us the benefit of their powers.  If we have faith, our Guardian Angel listens to us and, simply prompted by our prayers, responds by granting our wishes.  Our angel only attends to us if we call upon him to do so. Prayer can come from the heart or some people prefer to recite existing ones (see the section on prayer).  Imagine how bored your Guardian Angel would be if it did nothing, standing close to you with its arms folded. If you learn to communicate with him (an easy enough thing to do – just speak to him as you would your best friend and talk with an open heart) he will be happy to make his presence felt and you will live a life full of wonderful surprises.  Every human being has been given free will and Angels cannot interfere with our life unless we ask them to do so personally.  It is good to ask them precise things and to avoid including others in our requests (eg. Don’t ask for a person to fall in love with you – you cannot know that person’s free will – ask to be able to love someone who is better for you. Thus, when you pray for another person, pray for the overall good and avoid asking for things you want for other people).  Give thanks! Always give thanks, even before your prayers have been answered. Talk to them many times a day, even if it’s only to greet them or for small, unimportant things. It’s not good for us to turn to them only in moments of need or bewilderment. Remember, involve them in your life and they will be overjoyed – let them in!  We must make a distinction. Everyone, once in a while, will find themselves asking for help from a deceased relative to overcome a sad moment or a difficult situation. In this case, we turn to a Guiding Spirit: a person who had a physical form, is important to us and to whom we feel close.  Guardian Angels are Beings of Light but without corporal form. We are assigned to our Guardian Angel and we can know their name from our date of birth.  Each Guardian Angel corresponds to the five grades of the Zodiac and is equivalent to five days. The people born in these days are given the protection of these specific Guardian Angels.  We should mention that these dates have been read differently in different ancient texts. Five days were added to the calendar in ancient times after 20th March, resulting in the introduction of 20th to 24th March. These five days were consecrated to God, having been added to the calendar as an astrological correction. This is also the case for one additional day in the year except when it is a leap year in which case there are two additional days, the number attributed to the genius of man.  We have, however, decided to conform to the dates agreed on by the majority of the most frequently-consulted texts, in that most Angels rule over 5 days, some 6 and some only 4.  The 172 Guardian Angels are divided into 9 choirs, each consisting of 8 angels and each governed by an Archangel.

The Choirs of Angels are:

SERAPHIM: ruled by Archangel METARON; with the power of Strength. The Angels are: Vehuiah, Jeliel, Sitael, Elemiah, Mahasiah, Lelahel,Achaiah,Cahethel

CHERUBIM: ruled by Archangel RAZIEL; with the power of the Love of Knowledge. The Angels are: Haziel, Aladiah, Lauviah, Hahaiah, Iezalel, Mebahel, Hariel, Hakamiah.

THRONES: ruled by Archangel BINAH; with the power of Positive Thought. The Angels are: Lauviah, Caliel, Leuviah, Pahaliah, Nelchael, Ieiaiel, Melahel, Hahuiah.

DOMINIONS: ruled by Archangel HESEDIEL, with the powers of Opulence and Vitality. The Angels are: Nith Haiah, Haaiah, Ierathel, Seheiah, Reheil, Omael, Lecabel, Vasariah

POWERS:  ruled by Archangel CAMAEL, with the powers of Justice and Grace. The Angels are:  Iehuiah, Lehaiah, Chavakiah, Menadel, Aniel, Haamiah, Rehael, Ieiazel

VIRTUES:  ruled by Archangel RAFAEL, with the powers of Will and Elevation. The Angels are:  Hahahel, Mikael, Veualiah, Ielahiah, Sealiah, Ariel, Asaliah, Mihael.

PRINCIPALITIES: ruled by Archangel HANIEL, with the powers of Love and Beauty. The Angels are: Vehuel, Daniel, Hahasiah, Imamiah, Manael, Nithael, Mebahiah, Poiel.

ARCHANGELS:  ruled by Archangel MICAEL, with the power of Intellect. The Angels are: Nemamiah, Ieialel, Harael, Mitzrael, Umabel, Iah Hel, Anauel, Mehiel.

ANGELS:  ruled by Archangel GABRIELE, with the powers of Reproduction and Fertility. The Angels are: Damabiah, Manakel, Eiael, Habuhiah, Rochel, Jabamiah, Haiael, Mumiah.