Why have we made this collection?

As we have said before, because we believe in Angels! Because an ever increasing number of people talk about Angels, and because people talk to us about them in an ever increasing number of situations.  There is a risk that it might become commercial or about fashion. We must bear this in mind, in the way we live and behave, without losing sight of the profundity of the angelic message.  The Age of Aquarius has taught us something important: that the happiness of every one of us is indispensable to the creation of happiness in others. Angels are there, at our sides, to guide us on the right path, to help us and to keep us from getting lost.  Guardian Angels are Beings of Light to whom it is possible to turn at any moment.  Some of you will probably express scepticism at this notion. But others, and we are certain it is the majority of people, will take a moment to reflect on this.  With Guardian Angels, we are able to face many of life’s situations with a different attitude. It is important to remember that Angels joyfully grant our wishes as long we do not go against that which is written in our destiny.  Knowing this, it is so much easier to accept situations and events without struggle when faced with any occurrence, great of small, which befalls us.  This collection of jewellery serves as a reminder that Angels are always with us.  These symbols are so different from the usual representations of Angels that even those who do not want the world to know that they believe in Angels can wear them with confidence, safe in their own knowledge of the jewellery’s intrinsic meaning.  Other people can wear it because they like the jewellery for itself, purely for its aesthetic value.